Websites, Books, and Journals
  • A collection of sites on the Internet to get you started in exploring the huge collection of information about mushrooms that is out there. The sites include identification, citizen science, California mycology groups, and national organizations.
  • Field guides and illustrated collections designed to help you identify or just enjoy fungi. Some focus on particular geographic areas, but all can be used to some extent in Southern California. The biggest challenge with physical books is keeping up to date with changes to the classification and naming of the fungi.
  • Collections of articles or studies on a wide variety of topics including taxonomy, ecology, genetics, cooking, and research techniques.
LAMS Resources
Besides the external resources of information available to you through websites, books, and journals, you may be able to get the answers to your questions right here with LAMS. People interested in mushrooms are a diverse crowd, and if you're interested in cooking, ecology, photography, identification, health, or something else, there's probably a person that can answer your question or get you pointed in the right direction. And it probably helps to get information from multiple sources so you can make your own decisions on what works best for you. A member of the LAMS Council would be a good place to start, or perhaps the speaker that has given a presentation at one of our events. Volunteering is also a good way to meet people and find out about other opportunities. You can reach out to any of the people on our Contacts page to find out about how to volunteer.