Harte Singer
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Harte Singer is the Sequencing Director for the Fungal Diversity Survey, Treasurer of Bay Area Applied Mycology, and a board member of the Sonoma County Mycological Association (SOMA) . His love of fungi began during a past life as a chef in his hometown of New York City. Since moving to California in 2011, his appreciation for fungi evolved from mere gustatory appreciation to a truly holistic obsession. He began studying mycology at the community science mecca, Counter Culture Labs in Oakland where he learned microscopy, tissue culture, and PCR. From there he went on to work with Dr. Brian Perry at CSU East Bay while earning a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology and is currently pursuing a MS focused on fungal genomics.
LAMS Meeting: December 2023
Program: "CA FUNDIS Year 1: A Journey Through California's Fungal Diversity"