Grace Stark
Grace Stark is currently a microbiology PhD candidate at UC Berkeley in the Krasileva lab. She grew up in Austin Texas and went to UT Austin for her BSc in Biochemistry where she participated in undergraduate research. Her research interests have always aligned with how organisms interact with their microbiome/environment. She first became interested in fungi when she worked in the Hawkes lab studying fungal endophyte ecology in Texas native grasses. She then worked within the Barrick lab studying Plant/pathogen interactions and genetic engineering for agriculture sustainability. Between undergraduate and graduate school she became extremely interested in fungi through foraging and naturalizing. Her first study coming from graduate school focused on pyrophilus fungi that grow in abundance after wildfires in California. Her recent publication on post fire fungus metabolism can be found here.
Grace's PhD host lab studies the evolution of immune systems throughout the tree of life. Her current thesis research focuses on bacterial-fungal interactions (BFI) in which she hopes to elucidate the basic cell and molecular mechanisms of the Fungal Immune system.
LAMS Meeting: November 2022
Program: "Fungal Immunity: How Fungi Perceive And Exist With Predators"