Danielle Stevenson
Founder of D.I.Y. Fungi
Danielle Stevenson is an applied mycologist and founder of D.I.Y. Fungi (est. 2012), offering education, consulting and mushroom cultures for people and communities to grow mushrooms for food and medicine and to integrate fungi into food systems, mycoremediation and waste management. She has an interdisciplinary background in environmental and agricultural science and has worked on research, design, implementation and management of projects that solve complex problems - and develop sustainable solutions to support ecological and community health and resilience for more than 10 years. Danielle is currently a PhD student in Environmental Toxicology at University of California, Riverside, where she studies mycorrhizal fungi in soil remediation and sustainable agriculture. She is also founder and advisor to the Healing City Soils project, Mushroom Cultivation Executive with Kapoose Creek Medicinal Mushrooms, a ‘Future Leaders’ fellow with the Foundation for Food and Agriculture and a board member with CoRenewal and the Association for Women in Science (Riverside). Danielle is passionate about science communication and community science and her collaborative projects bridge fields and disciplines from art, ecology, soil science, policy, toxicology and remediation, not unlike the mycorrhizal fungi she studies which bridge plant communities.
LAMS Meeting: May 2021
Program: "One Person's Trash is a Mushroom's Treasure"