October 2022 State of LA Fungi
Monday, October 24th at 6:30 p.m.
Online discussion using Zoom
Discussion Leader: Rudy Diaz
Program: "Discussion of the mushroom habitat in the Los Angeles area"

The ecological state of California is very different now than it was when this club was founded four decades ago.

It was always the case that some mushroom species could be rather capricious in their occurrence from year to year. But as we're realizing the extent to which we've disrupted ~10,000 years of relative landscape/climate stability, many of us have also observed peculiar changes in the range and seasonality of many organisms.

Phenomena at the level of landscapes can only be appreciated with plentiful observations, which is why iNaturalist and Mushroom Observer have been so valuable for consolidating data.

So, with the objective of assessing the state of fungi in Los Angeles (and Southern California broadly), a virtual meeting will be held monthly to discuss your observations and mycology questions.

Chart: from The Jepson Herbarium