October 2018 Meeting
Monday, October 15th at 7:30 p.m.
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Speaker: Else Vellinga, PhD from the University of Leiden, Netherlands
Program: "A Short and Subjective History of Mycology in California"
The main events and people who played a significant role in the increased knowledge of the California mycoflora will be presented. With nice trivia, such as: the collector who collected in more counties than anybody else; the county which can boast the highest number of species discovered as new; and, the connection between Eucalyptus and Mycena californiensis. With special attention to the mycologists of the early 1900s who collected in southern California. All set in the context of worldwide discoveries and developments.
Else Vellinga with Amanitas
(Photo: Nhu Nguyen)