November 2023 Meeting
Monday, November 20th at 7:30 p.m.
Sparr Heights Community Center
Speaker: Daniel Winkler
Program: "Fungal Fruits of the Forest - Edible Mushrooms of the PNW"
Daniel will present in detail our choice edible mushrooms such as morels, chanterelles, hedgehogs, porcini and other boletes, lion's mane etc which are easy to identify, helping one to overcome fungophobia and truly appreciate wild mushrooms. However, there are many more other mushrooms that need much more experience for safe identification. In this richly illustrated presentation Daniel will help you get to know, identify and find many great edible mushrooms while steering you clear of dangerous look-a-likes. You will be advised how to properly collect, carefully transport, safely prepare and reliably store your mushrooms. The key in finding prime mushrooms is getting to know their preferred habitat and their seasonality. Daniel will share lots of new insights from his new book "Fruits of the Forest Handbook to Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest", which Daniel will have copies for sale ($25). In addition, Daniel is mixing in some fungal fun & facts from his ethno-mycological research and Mushroaming adventure travels.
LAMS Meeting October 2023
David Bermudes
What is a Fungus?
Introduccion A Los Hongos
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