April 2021 Meeting
Monday, April 19th at 7:30 p.m.
Online meeting using Zoom
Speaker: Chef Zachary Mazi
Program: "Edible Mushrooms of the Lanna Kingdom"
Northern Thailand, a collection of nine provinces in the far northern part of the country is unique in several fascinating ways. The region is very mountainous, and borders both Myanmar and Laos, jutting up into the center of the SE Asian peninsula. Centered around the largest city in the area, Chiang Mai, the area was once the powerful Lanna Kingdom (1269-1558), and remained locally administered until it's last king died in 1939. Not surprisingly, the food and cultures of Northern Thailand are unique. Forest management and foraging is a big part of its history, rich in various Hill Tribes (cuisines/customs) that have moved from China and around the SE Asian peninsula and operated as small communities outside of the kingdoms themselves. This talk is an opportunity to join me on my journey as I recount my explorations of the (mostly wild) edible mushrooms in Northern Thailand, the culture of foraging and cooking, with language and recipes woven in, through the eyes of a curious chef. Thailand is an emerging myco-region, so it is a special time to be here, helping to bring more attention to the incredible edible mycoflora of the world.
LAMS Meeting March 2021
Patrick Leacock
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LAMS Slide Share March 2021
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