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LAMS is a non-profit group whose purpose is to foster and expand the understanding and appreciation of mycology (that is the study of mushrooms and fungi).

We create and sponsor fun mushroom related events and help people learn about and identify mushrooms they find in the greater Los Angeles area.


March 19 (Monday) 7:30 PM LAMS General Meeting, Times-Mirror Meeting Room, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Speaker: Britt A. Bunyard, PhD, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, F U N G I Magazine

Program: "Fungi Synecdoche [A Hidden World]"

We are all aware of mushrooms and other fungi all around us. But how much do we know about life within the fungus amongus? This discussion, with beautiful photography will feature mushrooms familiar to us all ... then we will look even closer, and explore the fungi and other amazing organisms that live in and on those mushrooms (many of which you have probably eaten!). This presentation is for all audiences of mycophiles, with no scientific background or previous education needed.

Britt Bunyard with a Mayan mushroom stone


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